Disrupting Affordable Healthcare - Med4Dev Pre-Hackathon Meetup

12th July, 18:30-21:30, WeWork Dubnov, Tel-Aviv

A $280 billion healthcare market, 1.3 Billion people - Pears Program for Global innovation (IsraelDev), BeWell.il Innovation Community, Start-Up Nation Central and Creators IDEAtion Lab invite you to broaden your knowledge ofthe Indian Healthcare market and meet the talented innovators designing breakthrough technologies that answer the pressing needs of low income communities all over the world.

The Meet-up will provide insight into the healthcare challenges and opportunities of the Indian market, and will serve as an appetizer for Med4Dev India-Israel Hackathon which will take place on 22-24 July (more info here).

(Attendance for the Pre-Hackathon Meetup is recommended to everyone who would like to participate in the Hackathon)


Join us for a cold beer, a walk through the challenge "marketplace" and an inspiring panel, at 12th July, 18:30 – 21:30 WeWork Dubnov.



Curtis Peterson, VP of Global Health MobileODT (Moderator)

Vanessa Bartram, Managing Partner at Zora

Jerry Arenson, Business Development Manager-Healthcare Technologies GE Global Research

Aron Cohen, CEO of Azure

Yoni Ben Zaken, Former Head of Trade & Economic Mission, Embassy of Israel, New Delhi