Opportunity and Challenge
There is a consensus that only radical change will produce a quantum leap in Healthcare & Well-being services. Technology and new ways of thinking are already available to generate innovative solutions and products for quality and sustainable continuity of care. Change, however, remains sporadic, slow, and on a small scale, resulting in limited impact. In particular, for groups such as the elderly and chronically ill that are being treated in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, other community facilities or at home. Compliance and adherence rates are low and very difficult to track.
Create opportunities to meet, learn and work together, and serve to develop social capital and domain ecosystems, which will reinforce continued collaboration.
  • Entrepreneurs & Hi-tech: Increase the mass development of groundbreaking solutions addressing healthcare and well-being challenges.
  • Public Sector: Initiate  trial and error processes leading to innovative solutions for end users including physicians,  administrators, nurses and patients; demonstrate value and upgrading the work environment
  • Policy Makers: Empower policy makers to develop Intervention programs and policy
  • Global Impact: Position and brand Israel healthcare & Well-being organizations, companies and institutions as innovation promoters around the world
Operating Methods:
Innovation communities
Reach across sectors (Doctors, nurses, social workers, caregivers, medical administrators, policymakers, researchers, developers, entrepreneurs and Hi-Tech companies) and designed to develop human capital, common language and trust between the different sectors.  The opportunities to meet, learn and work together, and serve to develop social capital and domain ecosystems, which will reinforce continued collaboration. Community is the best platform to promote and support the flow of ideas through information sharing and encouraging cooperation.
Living Labs
Living Labs enable specific projects in the Healthcare & Well-being fields that serve to promote and guide the introduction of technology and groundbreaking solutions. Healthcare & Well-being public sector and officials, industry leaders and entrepreneurs work together in “real-world” settings. Living Labs promote the defining of market needs, supporting development processes, experimenting and demonstrating value, implementing and scaling-up.

HealthIL is a non-for-profit digital health innovation ecosystem - a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute, Israel's Ministry of Economy, Digital Israel at the Ministry of National Digitization, Israel Innovation Authority and Ministry of Health.

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entry points Living Labs coordinators will survey interactions between residents, municipal government, selected partners, entrepreneurs and service providers. The inventory process will assess specific needs and infrastructure, prioritize and c communicate them to entrepreneurs, as well as identify, map, and develop a local, national and international relevant ecosystem.