The American College of Cardiology (ACC) 
The Israel Innovation Institute (III)

are delighted to co-host a challenge competition aimed to support the development of innovative technological solutions to real-world problems, by fostering proof of concepts and wide scale implementation of new protocols and treatment methods.


 Tuesday, 03.10.17  |  9:00-20:00


John Rumsfeld

Chief Innovation Officer

Brendan Mullen

Executive Vice President

Jennifer Bae

Director, Innovation
Strategy and Partnerships

Harlan Krumholz

Cardiologist and Professor
of Medicine
Yale University

Chen Shapira

Director, Haifa & West Galilee District
Clalit Health Services

Chaim Lotan

Head, The Heart Institute
Hadassah University

Doron Zahger

Director, Department of Cardiology Soroka
University Medical Center 

Leonid Bakman

Founder & President
Israel Innovation Institute

Yael Ophir

Director, BeWell.Haifa
Israel Innovation Institute

Improve the care and outcomes of patients
in the year following a hospitalization for a cardiac condition


We are seeking digital health solutions (software, hardware, and/or services) that promote
either or both of the following: 

Patient engagement 
(enable patients and their families to better engage in their health and clinicians/healthcare team) 
•    Care plan engagement
•    Communication/ interaction with care team
•    Self-care behavior
•    Improved patient access to care


Reinventing healthcare 
(enabling the continuum of care; new modes of care outside of the clinic or hospital)    
•    Monitoring of patient health state
•    Integration of health 'signals' back to clinicians / care teams
•    Support more effective and efficient care management 
•    Tightening coordination of care across provider participants


HealthIL is a non-for-profit digital health innovation ecosystem -
a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute, Israel's Ministry of Economy, Digital Israel at the Ministry of National Digitization, Israel Innovation Authority and Ministry of Health.


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