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At HealthIL we are dedicated to fostering innovation in healthcare through a holistic,
needs-based, and challenge-centric approach. 
The following index displays a searchable database of challenges presented
by health care organisations and companies.

All of the challenges are categorized according to one or more "classifications":

  1. The ADMINISTRATION of care: Workflow, process, infrastructure, etc...

  2. The OPERATION of care: Logistics, HR, Supply Chain, IT, etc...

  3. The SERVICE of care: How care is provided to stakeholders.

  4. The CLINICAL aspects of care: Observation, diagnosis, or treatment of a medical condition.

  5. The COMMUNICATION of care: the transferring of care information between stakeholders.

Use the search function to navigate to topics of interest, and apply to the relevant health
organisation by copy and pasting the link to your browser. 

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