November 21th 2016, 18:00-20:00, Diaghilev Hotel , Tel-Aviv.

Explore Governmental Healthcare Resources for Your Competitive Advantage

Find out what your country can do for you – governmental resources at your disposal

November 21th 2016, 18:00-20:00, Diaghilev Hotel,Tel Aviv

Start-Up Nation Central and are happy to invite you to 'Home Field Advantage' meet-up on Monday,21 November at the Diaghilev Hotel in 56 Mazeh Street, Tel-Aviv.

  • Learn about the variety of governmental opportunities and resources available to you.

  • Witness a presentation of an ongoing collaboration between a prominent start-up already utilizing these resources.

  • Ask your question and learn from the first-hand experience about how you can seize the opportunity to gain an advantage for your solution.

  • Listen to these speakers as they present the needs and challenges of the Israeli healthcare system and the possibilities lying within the Israeli public sector for collaboration with start-up companies.

  • Nir Yanovsky -  Digital Health Implementation Manager, Ministry of Health 

  • Moty Ben-Dov - Leader of Digital program of the Ministry of Economy and Industry

  • Yael Ophir - BeWell.Haifa, Living Lab Innovation manager for 'Clalit' north district

  • Uri Bettesh - Co-Founder and CEO, Datos


Join us and learn how to create worldwide leverage by using your home-field advantage. 

Our speakers' presentations are available, to download click on the speakers name here below:


HealthIL is a non-for-profit digital health innovation ecosystem -
a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute, Israel's Ministry of Economy, Digital Israel at the Ministry of National Digitization, Israel Innovation Authority and Ministry of Health.


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