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A specialist in designing funding strategies regarding governmental and international R&D incentives for biotechnology and medical service companies​.

Global Incentives Specialist

Shira Shiloh

Lior Wayn.PNG

A serial entrepreneur in the life sciences arena, with vast experience in leading multiple public and private companies, and taking concepts all the way to the market. 

Co-Founder MAWI

Lior Wayn


Experience in cardiology and internal medicine, public health, entrepreneurship and business management.

Business Development at and Public Health Resident at Clalit Research Institute

Nadav Shimoni


A veteran CEO, VP R&D, inventor and entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in multidisciplinary projects involving the fields of medicine, defense and renewable energy.

Itzik Mashiach

Ovela Technologies

Amnon Pelz.PNG

A globally renowned expert in the development of umbilical cord blood preservation and insurance both in Israel, and worldwide. Involved in the insurance industry through lecturing, writing, advising etc., where he has had experience in working with the leaders of the field.

Amnon Pelz

Chairman and CEO of Taburit

Sigal Yosef.PNG

Has over 10 years' of experience as a global incentives specialist, with an in-depth understanding of the technology, market, pipeline and the design of companies' funding strategies regarding governmental and international R&D incentives.

Sigal Yosef

Incentives Advisor at Ernst & Young

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