Software R&D for Digital Healthcare

 by Initech

About the Workshop:

This workshop will be divided into two sections: an open presentation and an exclusive workshop for chosen startups.



11:30             Gathering and snaks

12:00             Open lecture

11:00-13:00     Exclusive workshop + light lunch

An open presentation for interested entrepreneurs that gives an overview of the investment process and provides some helpful approaches on how to increase the likelihood of obtaining investments. In this lecture, I try to give entrepreneurs an insight into investors' due diligence process, laced with humor and anecdotes. 


About Benita Lanzer:

Benita is a business development professional with 15 years of experience in mentoring and developing Life Science start-ups into viable companies by incorporating market needs and trends into the business foundation of commercializing technologies. A savvy entrepreneur that has founded 5 start-ups and sold one in its technology phase, she has raised and assisted in raising over $30M for medical device start-ups. She is proactively scouting for emerging companies with cutting-edge technologies and performing in-depth due-diligence for angel investors. She is currently mentoring 2 digital health start-ups while founding her 6th company

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