HealthIL & EcoMotion invite you to participate in a joint challenge competition - focusing on providing smart mobility solutions to medical centers in Israel.

This is a special opportunity to gain access to new clients in the healthcare field, with the possibility of piloting your solutions in multiple centers. 

About the Competition

This competition is a one-of-a-kind cross community challenge!

This challenge competition aims to present solutions that meet real-world challenges in the healthcare sector, and is an opportunity for entrepreneurs potentially implement their technological solution in relevant health organizations. As part of the competition, key representatives and domain experts from health organizations will interact with entrepreneurs and guide them in developing and integrating their solution.  

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The Challenges

The Smart Commuting Challenge is comprised of four key components. Entrepreneurs, startups, and technology companies are welcome to review the details below and submit their proposed solution to one of the following:


Information on parking space availability

1. Dynamic, real-time information on available parking spaces in parking lots
2. Finding available parking spaces throughout the medical center
3. Remote booking of parking

Transportation to/from a medical center

1. Optimizing personal transportation options, including sharing and carpooling
2. Tools to pre-order and reservtion of transportation options
3. Smart shuttles within the broader medical center setting

Smart use of public parking place - outside the medical center

1. Tools for pre-ordering and/or reservation of public parking options (not on medical center ground) 2. Tools for sharing private parking spots
3. Smart management of a public parking complex including real-time alerting of available parking spaces

Traffic Management

1. Smart management of in-medical center traffic
2. Smart management for medical transport (ambulances) vs. patient transportion within the medical center

Who should apply?

Smart mobility technologies
in advanced development stages

Technologies in any other field that can meet the challenge while adapting the product to the healthcare field

Have the ability to provide an instant demo and participate in the pilot within 3 months

For competition winners:

  1. Pilot with one or more of the health organizations

  2. Participate in  research grants

  3. Potential for full implementation 

For contestants:

  1. Dealing with real organizational needs and professional feedback

  2. Connection to experts in the organization in particular and in the field in general

  3. Exposure to the organization and other organizations within the competition

What do we offer?
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