RISE and BeWell.il 

invite you to explore new opportunities for healthcare startups

Around the globe, healthcare is undergoing rapid changes, especially in emerging markets. 


Join us at Tapping the Untapped to meet industry pioneers and business leaders,to find exciting opportunities and unique challenges waiting for you just outside your comfort zone.

Prepare for a great evening of delicious snacks & beer, great networking and fascinating talks


Sneak peek into the program:

Transforming Healthcare in Emerging Markets

Amit Noam, Market Development at RISE

RISE, a venture arm of Teva Pharmaceuticals, aims to transform healthcare in emerging                                 markets.  If you're passionate about impacting lives – RISE want to meet you, and we think                             you would want to meet them too!



Dr. Sharon Fireman, Crowd Innovation at RISE

If you have an idea that could transform the lives of patients - come and hear more about                             RISE CHALLENGE, an open innovation competition for finding novel solutions to health                                   challenges worldwide

Making Healthcare Accessible for Remote Communities

Gershon Gutmer, VP Sales at Equatel

Equatel will share their experience of marketing their Telemedicine platform to emerging                               markets. 


Israeli eHealth in China

Haim Cohen , VP Business Development of Natali Healthcare Group

Natali Healthcare, Will share their story of how they have effectively implemented their Digital Health technologies in the Chinese market within just three years.

Dr. Oren Fuerst

Healthcare entrepreneur,  investor and lecturer with successful track-record of launching

new products in emerging markets.

Gregory Rockson, Co-Founder and CEO at mPharma

Healthcare Entrepreneur with a rich Experience in technology 

financial services and international relations.


 Monday, 4.09.17 | 18:00-20:00

 PwC Office| 17th Floor

Trade Tower, 25 Hamered Street Tel-Aviv

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 Monday, 04.09.17  |   18:00-20:00

  PwC TLV office  |  17th Floor