The Israeli Institute of Innovation, which operates, partnered with the Soroka Medical Center to promote open innovation and technology integration in the digital health field. Soroka Medical Center chose to focus on the brain division. After an in-depth analysis identifing the needs and challenges of the system and the medical staff, we are focusing on two key challenges for which the Soroka Medical Center is seeking innovative solutions that will meet these challenges.


What is so unique about this competition?

Unlike other competitions, the winning company (at least one) will enter a pilot project at the Soroka Medical Center to assess the technology, including financing the experiment and the option of additional government grants.

The Challenges

Challenge #1:

Digital treatment room beside the patient’s bed


The hospitalization of a patient after a brain injury (or any other patient) consists of long hours of observation or waiting in which he/she is confined to the vicinity of the hospital bed and its immediate surroundings, while not actually undergoing treatment.

The Challenge:

We are looking for creative digital solutions that enable enrichment and activation of the patient's surroundings while allowing for:

  • Personalization and activation of motor / cognitive / functional rehabilitation activity

  • Operation without a caregiver nearby

  • Monitoring and progress reporting

  • Mobility and ease of operation

Challenge #2:

Continuous neurological monitoring of hospitalized patient


With the advancement of therapeutic capabilities in brain morbidity, it is often necessary to closely monitor the patient’s brain function during and following acute circumstances such as stroke, intracranial hemorrhages, head trauma, or brain surgery.

This is done by continuous evaluation of neurological parameters by medical staff such as recognition status, pupil size, language ability, limb weakness, and additional parameters.

The Challenge:

We are looking for a digital health solution that allows for:

  • Continuous brain activity monitoring to identify deterioration in real-time

  • Automatic system activation with staff alerts

  • Ability to work as a stand-alone system beside the patient’s hospital bed

Deadline - June 24th
Competition Judges

Dr. Ziv Rosenbaum

Director, Medical Technology
Clalit Health Services

Yarden Nevo

Deputy Director 

Soroka Medical Center

Dr. Shlomi Kodesh

Soroka Medical Center

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ד"ר יולי טרגר

מנהל מחלקת שיקום, סגן מנהל
המרכז הרפואי סורוקה

ד"ר ישראל מלמד

מנהל מחלקת נוירוכירורגיה
המרכז הרפואי סורוקה

Prof. Gal Ifergan

Chairman, Division of Brain Medicine
Soroka Medical Center

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פרופ' ויקטור נובק

מנהל רשות המחקר
המרכז הרפואי סורוקה

פרופ' עמוס כץ

דיקן הפקולטה למדעי הבריאות
אוניברסיטת בן גוריון

אביעד ליזרוביץ

מנהל מערכות מידע ומחשוב
המרכז הרפואי סורוקה

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ד"ר ענת חורב 

מנהלת היחידה לשבץ ונוירורדיולוגיה פולשנית
המרכז הרפואי סורוקה

ד"ר חפצי זוהר

סגנית ומ"מ ראש העיר
עיריית באר שבע

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Healthcare Implementation Team

Sharon Fireman

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Heli Rostoker

 Clinical Integration Manager

Yael Ophir

Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Nir Koren

VP of Implementation

Israel Innovation Institute

Romi Davidoff

Implementation consultant
Israel Innovation Institute

Jonathan Menuhin

Executive Director
Israel Innovation Institute

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