Clalit Health Services, HealthIL and 8400 invite you to participate in a joint Corona Challenge competition - focusing on providing protection for medical staff and sterilized environment and equipment.

This is a special opportunity to make an impact in the fight against the CoronaVirus by working with the largest HMO in Israel.

High-Tech & Low-Tech, industry 4.0, robotics and healthtech- everyone is welcome to apply!


Ongoing OPEN application


This challenge aims to cherry-pick solutions that meet real-world needs in the fields of viral sterilization and safe working environment for medical staff.

This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies to take a pivotal role in the national effort fighting COVID-19, with the potential to implement your technological solution in relevant health organizations.

As part of the competition, key representatives from health organizations and experts from the field will interact with the selected submissions and guide the participants in the development process and implantation issues.


GearUP & CleanUP Challenge comprises five key elements. Established companies, startups and entrepreneurs from all sectors are welcome to review the details below and submit their proposed solution to one of the following topics. 

Please note: as this challenge spans over different industries and fields, we encourage submissions from any relevant entity within or outside the Healthtech ecosystem

Sterilization of equipment and / or spaces

  1. Common areas (Hallways, staff rooms, triage entrance)
  2. Patient rooms (beds in particular)
  3. Commonly used medical equipment (ECG, Monitors, I.V. sets, Computers…)
  4. Frequently "touched" surfaces (Door knobs, elevator buttons, parking lot machines..)
  5. Personal equipment (Phones….)

Hands and surface sterilization

Hands are one of the key areas causing the corona infection: -Means that will ensure medical teams they are maximum bacteria free (Materials / sanitation techniques /effective disinfection tools) -Establish an optimal cleaning routine

Medical staff protection

  1. Protective equipment & clothing for medical staff - easy to wear, easy to operate with (temperature, durability, flexibility, visibility….)
  2. Reducing infection risk in diagnostic / invasive procedures (US, I.V. lines, Intubation, non-invasive ventilation...)
  3. Remote operation of equipment (monitors, I.V. sets, ventilation machines…)
  4. For patient’s family member

Creating and maintaining isolated environment

  1. Transporting patients within the hospital (from E.D. to the departments, to/from O.R., transporting food and supplies etc.)
  2. Creating negative pressure in regular rooms
  3. Isolation between patients in shared units (Dialysis in particular)
  4. Efficient move of equipment into isolated areas (i.e. preventing waste of equipment which wasn’t used but encountered non-sterile environment)


Your solution answers (at least) one of the aforementioned topics

You have the ability to provide an instant demo and participate in the pilot NOW

Your technology is mature and can be quickly adapted

Your solution can be implemented within
a short time-period

Your solution has proper regulatory standards


For competition winners:

  1. Pilot with Clalit Health Services

  2. *Optional* Application for governmental funding

  3. Potential for implementation

  4. Working on pivotal challenges in the fight against COVID-19

For contestants:

  1. Dealing with real organizational needs and professional feedback

  2. Interaction with domain experts


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