Meet leading TECH addressing CHALLENGES related to Health Equity in Healthcare

We are excited to invite you to the second session of HealthIL's quarterly Global Collaboration Series,
where we will address some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare organizations
and introduce innovative technological solutions 


In collaboration with:

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Healthcare systems around the world face large, persistent, and growing disparities, which create significant challenges to health equity. Health inequity and inequality are experienced across many dimensions: geography, gender, socio-economic status, education, culture, race, or medical condition.  

Achieving health equity means ensuring that healthcare system resources are used appropriately to give all people the same healthcare outcomes.

HealthIL is pleased to invite you to the second session of our Global Collaboration Series, focused on Health Equity. Each of our quarterly collaboration events will involve presentations from relevant technological solutions and startups around a specific topic. 


This event will take place on June 15th (IST 11:00 AM) and is intended to highlight the challenges of Health Equity and introduce technological solutions (startups) that can address the challenges.

At the end of the event participating healthcare organizations will be able to schedule deep-dive B2B meetings with those solutions that are most interesting to them, to set the stage for potential future collaboration. 

Challenge Exposure and Pitching Tech Event: this session is for healthcare organizations to present their challenges and needs pertaining to Health Equity and meet startups that offer relevant solutions. [June 15th]

B2B Deep-dive: Virtual B2B deep dive meetings between tech and providers will follow the event [June-July]


  • Hear pitches from leading startups based on your interest

  • Pick which startups you want to meet for deep-dive B2B networking 

Hospital Corridors

Benefits for

  • Pitch your solution to an Israeli and GLOBAL audience of providers

  • B2B deep-dive meetings with providers

VR Games

This event is open to all healthcare provider organizations and any tech companies who feel they can address employee burn-out
-HealthIL reserves final decision on participants-


We are looking for innovative solutions to address the following challenges in Health Equity in Healthcare:

Therapist Support

>> We are looking for tools for more effective and tailored treatment management.

~ For diverse populations residing at the social or geographic periphery

~ With an emphasis on chronic and complex diseases, such as those requiring multidisciplinary treatment (like diabetes, obesity, cancer, genetic diseases, heart diseases and mental health)

>> We are looking for tools for enabling therapists to consult with specialists, to learn continuously and to easily implement new technologies. 

Remote Care for Diverse Demographic Groups

>> We are looking for remote care solutions to improve access to quality care, including monitoring, decision support, treatment, and diagnosis, for diverse demographic groups.

Personalized Medicine for Diverse Population

>> We are looking for technological solutions that enable personalized medicine and care for diverse populations with a variety of needs, enabling the identification and tracking of those needs so that tailored responses can be provided.

Promoting Health & Wellness

>> We are looking for culturally appropriate tools for promoting health and wellness, including nutrition, physical fitness, mental health, diabetes, women's health, and child mortality prevention for diverse demographic groups.

Improving Therapist-Patient Interaction

>> We are looking for tools that can enable the patient to be better involved in the medical process and improve communication between caregivers and patients to increase digital health literacy and the effectiveness of care - emphasis on plain language and multilingual solutions.

Exercising the Rights of Diverse Populations

>> We are looking for tools for exercising agency and engagement across diverse populations – including integration and accessibility of information, social rights and adapting digital solutions across cultures.

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11:00 – 11:45 Health Equity from the Healthcare Perspective

Opening Remarks

Dr. Ron Malka - Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Industry


Maya Segev - Ecosystem Manager, HealthIL

Healthcare Challenges

         Amy Sheon - President and Digital Health Equity Consultant - Public Health Innovators, LLC

         Dr. Galia Barkai, MD MBA - Director - Sheba BEYOND

         Gidi Peretz - Director of the Reduction of Health Inequalities Section - Israel Ministry Of Health

         Julia Resnick - Director, Strategic Initiatives - American Hospital Association

         Dr. Sivan Spitzer