Expanding into the American market?
Deciding which path is best for your startup?
Looking for strategic partners?
Want to share your experience with the ecosystem?
Are you aiming for a quick exit or is your company built to last?

The American healthcare market is complex and leaves startups with little room for error. In this unique setting, a startup must remain agile and open minded to partnerships and pivoting. 
What are the benefits of partnering with strategic partners?
What challenges lay within and how do they affect the startup's infrastructure and model?
What is your end point objective - Exit VS Growth?
In our meetup, we'll examine the relationships between startups and strategic partners to understand how can they best work together. We'll discuss the elements that must be taken into consideration when building your company's infrastructure, innovation and business model in order to scale-up the right way.
We will also hold a short Pitch to America! session as an opportunity for you to share your experience, opinion, or advice to the whole ecosystem!
18:30 - Gathering and Networking
19:00David Knapp, Vice President, Corporate Research, Boston Scientific  
Keynote: Designing startups' innovation to sustain business
stability and attract the attention of strategic partners.
19:20Harel Gadot, Company Group Chairman, MEDX Ventures Group 
How and why Israeli startups and strategic partners should continuously nurture their relationships.
19:30 - "Innovation for the Long Run" panel
Moderator: Harel Gadot
  • Dorit SokolovA medtech executive with 20 years of versatile experience from Corporates, Venture Capital and startups. Currently working with Amgen.
  • Dr. Elan Ziv, M.D, CEO & Medical Director, ConTIPI Medical – founder of ConTIPI Ltd and uro-gynecologist. ConTIPI's first flagship product was sold to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc.
  • David KnappVice President, Corporate Research, Boston Scientific.
  • Elad Walach, co-founder and CEO of Aidoc, a healthcare AI startup focused on using deep learning to relieve the bottleneck in medical image diagnosis.
20:00 - Your opportunity to share - 3 minute pitch regarding your experience in                   the American healthcare market
20:30 - Beer & Networking
Monday, May 14th - 18:30-20:30
Dubnov 7, Tel Aviv
WeWork Dubnov - Roof Top
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