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Digitized Voice Analysis For Monitoring Patients With Motor Impairments


Cerebral Palsy (CP) causes varying degrees of muscle weakness and movement disorders, affecting motor function and the respiratory system.

Children with CP also demonstrate a wide range of changes and impairments in their language, voice, and

speech functions, including dysfluencies, amplitude, pitch, rate, volume, articulation, and breathing.

Often these impairments indirectly reflect dysfunction of oro-motor systems: swallowing, voice chord quality, excess production of saliva and mucus, and thoracic musculature including the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm which are essential to normal breathing. The respiratory system and the voice, therefore, can reflect the general health and muscular function of an affected individual.

Voice analysis can serve as an accessible tool for short and long-term

follow-up of patients with CP and other neurological conditions since it is

highly amenable to remote medical monitoring.

ALYN is seeking an entrepreneur, team, or venture to co-develop a remote voice analysis monitoring system that can evaluate voice status to reflect true neuromuscular changes in patients with motor impairments.

Co-development entails working hands-on with domain experts and clinicians from ALYN to define, test, and build a feasible and user-friendly solution.

About ALYN

Since its founding in 1932, ALYN Hospital has developed an international reputation for its comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to meeting the needs of infants, children, and adolescents with a broad range of congenital and acquired conditions.

The hospital welcomes all patients, regardless of religion or nationality, and frequently treats children from neighboring countries and overseas. ALYN staff regularly advise hospitals in Israel and around the world on treatment and care, as well as on innovative solutions developed at the hospital.


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