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HealthIL Activities

Building Bridges in Healthcare

Israeli Innovation Leaders In Denmark & Sweden

On December 2022, HealthIL, in collaboration with ICDK and MFA, launched the first step towards a global alliance, outside the boundries of Israel: The Israeli delegation of healthcare innovation leaders to Denmark and Sweden.

25 Israeli delegates representing various hospitals and HMO’s traveled to Copenhagen and Stockholm to meet with world-leading health organizations and stakeholders.

Creating a Global Healthcare Alliance

As part HealthIL’s effort to create a global healthcare alliance, Israel and Denmark have joined forces.

The two countries share a common goal of promoting innovation in healthcare and have recognized the importance of collaboration to achieve this goal.

The partnership between these two countries will bring together their respective expertise in healthcare innovation management and create new opportunities for innovation.

One of the key advantages of the partnership is the ability to share best practices and learn from each other's experiences.

Israel has a strong track record of innovation in healthcare, with a thriving innovation ecosystem that includes numerous startups and companies. Denmark, has a well-developed healthcare system with a focus on patient-centred care. By working together, the two countries can combine their strengths and create a new approach to healthcare innovation.

The global healthcare alliance between Israel and Denmark is an important step towards promoting innovation in healthcare on a global scale. By sharing best practices, expertise, and resources, the two countries can create new opportunities and improve patient outcomes.

It is an exciting time for healthcare innovation, and the partnership between Israel and Denmark is a significant development in this field.


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