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Employee Burn-Out in Healthcare

Healthcare Collaboration Series - Where Global Challenges Meet Innovative Solutions

The event on Burn-Out in Healthcare is the first of a series of quarterly thematic events brought to you by HealthIL.

Each of our quarterly collaboration events will involve presentations from relevant technological solutions and startups around a specific topic. 

At the end of the event participating healthcare organizations will be able to schedule deep-dive B2B meetings with those solutions that are most interesting to them, to set the stage for potential future collaboration. 

This first event is intended for any healthcare organization who is looking for solutions to address challenges of Burn-out, and any technological solution who can address these challenges.

Challenge Exposure and Pitching Tech Event: this session is for healthcare organizations to present their challenges and needs pertaining to Burn-out and meet startups that offer relevant solutions. [March 22nd]

B2B Deep-dive: Virtual B2B deep dive meetings between tech and providers will follow the event [March 23-25]



  • Hear pitches from leading startups based on your interest

  • Pick which startups you want to meet for deep-dive B2B networking


  • Pitch your solution to an Israeli and GLOBAL audience of providers

  • B2B deep-dive meetings with providers



Burn-out Resulting from Clinical/ Medical Treatment:

Administration & Workflows

Administrative aspects of the treatment process require significant attention from healthcare staff – like documentation, interfacing with multiple systems, and managing multiple workflows and tools.


>> We are looking for solutions that reduce administrative or procedural tasks, including but not limited to process automation, decision support tools for workflows, workflow optimization, and the like.

Physical Challenges

Medical care involves can frequently create a physical burden to care providers including extensive time spent on feet, few hours of sleep, carrying heavy loads, chronic fatigue and more. These are detrimental to the health of the caregiver and can also lead to mistakes.

​>> We are looking for solution that can help reduce these types of physical burdens, or can help with alerting / managing such situations.

Workload Management

The excessive workloads of healthcare staff have been increasing over the years and peaked during the Corona period. This is one of the most critical components of burnout that has led to staff attrition. This can include long working hours, mismanaged work/life balance, and lack of flexibility.

>> We are looking for technological solutions for effectively managing and improve the workload of healthcare employees, such as shift optimization, onboarding, equipment and inventory optimization, and more. 

Burn-out Resulting from Healthcare Operations:

Mental Health & Wellness

The mental health and wellness of healthcare staff members is a critical component in preventing burnout. Stress, anxiety, and even depression have become the unfortunate reality of many healthcare employees who deal with difficult situations and loss under extreme pressure.

>> We are looking for solutions that can improve the mental health and wellness of healthcare employees, including solutions that can assist with work-life balance and emotional support both in and out of the workplace.

Career Management

Burnout can also be a result of result of a staff member's inability to manage his/her career, specifically regarding opportunities for promotion and professional development and the relationships with administrators. Career ambiguity reduces the sense of job satisfaction, which is a critical factor in reducing burnout.

>> We are looking for means for affectively addressing career/job development and increasing job satisfaction, including but not limited to improving effective intra-organization communication, peer support, onboarding/training solutions, and diversity. 

Safety & Risk Management

Working in the healthcare system can include safety risks ranging from exposure to diseases to risks of violence against the medical staff.​​​​

>> We are looking for technological solutions that can increase safety, including monitoring, alerting, and managing physical safety, hazards, accidents, sexual harassment, etc…



11:00 – 11:45 Burnout from the Healthcare Perspective

Opening Remarks

Prof. Nachman Ash - Director General of the Israel Ministry of Health


Yael Ophir - Executive Director, HealthIL

Celia Pita, EIT Health Wildcard mental health program 

Healthcare Challenges

Donna Summers, MSN RN-BC – Chief Nursing Information Officer – Henry Ford Health SystemVictoria Laker, PHD - Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Vered Madmon-Kiviti - Director of HR, Israel Ministry of Health

Dr. Assi Cicurel – Innovation Center Manager – Clalit HealthcareSabina Mayzel - Head of Training and organizational development – Tel Aviv Medical CenterYael Rotem-Sher - Organization Development Manager - Maccabi Healthcare

11:45 – 12:45 Burnout from the Startup and Tech Perspective

[only available for pre-registered healthcare providers]

Startup and tech pitches

12:45 – 13:00 Closing and Prep for B2B


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