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HealthIL Week

Hands Off

Promoting Innovation in Health Organizations

About the Inspirational Session:

  • The session aims to introduce innovation management models, as well as promoting private discussion and acquaintance between participants regarding this subject

  • Target audience will be the general medical managers that will attend the conference in addition to innovation managers from Israel and abroad

  • The session will focus on challenges and their dilemmas; thus presenting a great opportunity for effective networking and a basis for meaningful collaborations in the future



  1. Opening – session goals – acquaintance & Introduction of innovation promoting models

  2. Presenting the ARC Innovation Center model and an additional global model (15 minutes each) by the ARC management. The presentation will introduce model strategy and challenges, similar to a Ted-talk.

  3. Discussion in small groups about model challenges – focusing on the following subjects: (30 minutes)

    • Collaboration with the Industry – Startup Relations ManagementLee Aviram-Shoshany, Director of Startups, ARC

    • Collaboration with the Industry – Corporation Relations Management

Iris Shtein, Director of Industry and Corporation Partners, ARC

  • How to Promote Innovation Initiatives within the Organization?Dr. Zohar Kaplan, Head of Entrepreneurship Program, ARC

  • How to Integrate Innovation in Daily Operation?Dr. Avi Tsur, Deputy Director of Transformation, Sheba Medical Center

  • FundingEran Lerer, CEO at Shoni Health Ventures



Discussion at the Tables:

  1. Acquaintance at the tables:

  • Option A – Introductory round + a shared question – How I…

  • Option B – Fast introductory round + a series of 5 questions (red/yellow/green) – each person who agrees with a question raises a flag. The questions are meant to connect participants to the challenges.

2. Diving deeper into one of the questions/challenges


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