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Health Collaboration Guidebook

What Startups Are Best for Me?

The full GUIDEBOOK can be found here:

The gap between demand for healthcare services and the supply of healthcare services has been growing and will continue to grow in the future. This is driven by multiple factors, such as an aging population with complex conditions, workforce constraints, and the need for increasing coverage and access for citizens.

One way to address this increasing gap is to incorporate technological solutions, such as startups, into healthcare systems, as startups and technology have the potential to increase capacity and capability of care. To successfully implement external technological solutions - whether they are startups or established companies – healthcare systems should develop an efficient and replicable methodology for assessing which startups are most relevant.


This guide is intended to offer healthcare systems, of any kind, a high-level framework for assessing external technologies, particularly startups, without the need for a deep understanding of technology. It is intended to be used by any individual within the healthcare organization who is potentially considering some form of collaboration with startups or external technology providers.

We invite you to adjust and adapt this mainframe based on your individual needs or experience, with the hope of creating a unified and efficient methodology for all stakeholders within healthcare organization.


For any questions, feel free to contact Yoav Fisher at HealthIL:

The full GUIDEBOOK can be found here:


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