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Healthcare Innovation Training Map

Call for Programs and Trainings in Healthcare Innovation

The health innovation ecosystem has expanded significantly in recent years. As part of this trend, those working in the ecosystem are interested in increasing innovation capabilities and skills, deepening their understanding of the field and expanding their professional network.


In order to address these needs and offer ecosystem participant opportunities to gain skills, HealthIL has teamed up with the Israeli Ministry of Health, the 8400 Network, The Israeli Society for HealthTech , and the Institute for Medical Innovation and Tomorrow's Medicine with the aim of gathering relevant information and making it accessible to all those interested at no cost.


So how can you help?


Companies and entities that operate any form of training/learning options are invited to join. 

This will give you an opportunity to expand your exposure to our global network of innovation leaders in health-tech. 


Registration is open until March 9, 2023.


So if you are offering any types of courses, or if you have attened a course/training, we would love to hear from you.  All details in the following link:


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