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HealthIL Week

Live Innovation Stage

HealthIL Week 2022 - Main Event

Rehumanizing citizens with wearable technology

The next generation of wearables and collaborations with the start-up ecosystem.

Aaron Sherwood

Industry X Manager, Accenture


AWS + Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


Carmel Medical Center + Cascination


Innovative collaboration approach between Tech Giants and HMOs

Microsoft Text Analytics for Health to support Hebrew: How Leumit and Microsoft implemented a groundbreaking technique for an advanced and secure data collaboration.

Izhar Laufer

Director Leumit Start, Leumit

Hadas Bitran

Head of Health & Life Sciences Israel, Microsoft




Robotic Pharmacy: Process and Implementation

Addressing the manual process of safety verification by pharmacists by utilizing a robotic system that reduces logistic/administrative duties of the pharmacists.

Hadas Schachaf

Business Process and Integration Manager, Bnai Zion Medical Center

Yehuda Ophir

Director, Nevo Robotics


Hadassah Hospital + Briya

Dr. Tamar Raz

CEO, Hadassit

David Lazerson

CEO, Briya


Maccabi HMO + Sapience


Era of Digital Transformation in Emergency Medicine

Digital Transformation for Emergency Medicine - from vision to implementation for the benefit of patients and medical personnel.

Moshe Klaiman

CEO, Matrix Medika

Professor David Zeltser

Deputy Director Emergency Medicine, Tel Aviv Medical Center


Boosting the future through social media

Increasing knowledge and engagement with patients: Maximizing the potential of social media to improve care.

Limor Perl

Digital Manager, Bayer

Dr. Inna Bleicher

Bnai Zion Medical Center

Smadar Yardeni

Wolfson Medical Center + Betzalel


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