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Nursing Poly-Medication Administration

Call For Solutions: Nurses Managing Poly-Medication in Hospitals


The Center for Research and Innovation in Nursing at Hadassah Hospital invites technology companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs to offer technological and innovative solutions to address challenges in poly-pharma for chronic patients with complex morbidity, multi-medication, in an acute environment of a hospital ward:

  • Maintaining adequate medication habits

  • Preventing errors in drug distribution

  • Ability to identify and monitor drug interactions

  • Ability to improve provision of multi-drug therapies



Why technology in drug distribution?

Every day, 7 days a week and all year round, patients within the hospital receive medication from nurses, frequently 3 or more times per day.

In many departments, patients are characterized by multiple chronic diseases and therefore require multiple medications to maintain their health, as well as numerous additional resources to manage treatment protocols.

The process of distributing medicines involves four factors - the nurses, the patients, family and the environment. The better the nurses know the patients and their intake habits, the better the patients' response. Family involvement helps the patient receive appropriate treatment and control the treatment process. An organized and adapted environment helps patients to form correct intake habits and improves patient adherence.

Today, due to the multiplicity of tasks and the existing workloads within departments, the distribution of medications exposes patients to changes in their medication-taking habits, which may harm the patients' control over their disease, their autonomy, and their response to treatment. Providing multi-drug treatments creates anxiety around the fear of mistakes in the administration of drugs and doses. Providing multi-drug treatment may also produce an unwanted side effects or negative interactions between drugs, which creates a challenge for administering personalized treatment.

Therefore, multi-drug distribution is a challenge in the nurse-patient relationship.


What do we offer?

Hadassah Hospital will serve as a platform for initial tests and feasibility studies, at the research level and at the clinical level, access to first-class clinicians, and support from department managers, head nurses, and senior management.


What are we looking for?

Hadassah Hospital is interested in collaborations with solution providers that can address any of the four challenges, with an emphasis on: 

  • Information management and multitasking

  • Content services for mobile devices

  • Communication protocols between therapists and patients

  • Knowledge management combining several factors (environment-patient-family-team)


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