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Soroka University Medical Center in Be’er Sheva together
with HealthIL, the Healthcare Innovation community
and PLANETech, the community for climate change technologies
invites you, climate tech companies, to work together, to carry out a funded
and mentored pilot, to implement technologies
at the largest medical center in the Negev and to promote the field in Israel.

Together with our partners we’re promoting energy efficiency
in Soroka Medical Center through a challenge competition.
A challenge competition is a unique process that examines a variety of technologies that address the various challenges identified by the medical center.
The companies with the most relevant solutions will collaborate with us and carry out a funded pilot, as well as the possibility to receive additional government grants.

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The Challenges

Soroka University Medical Center is looking for efficient energy solutions with the vision
of becoming a more green and environmental hospital.
The Challenge Competition will focus on the following challenges:

Climate Control

The air conditioning system consumes a large amount of electricity. We’re looking for solutions that will help optimize the air conditioning systems:

  • Improve the efficiency of system operation and the optimization systems

  • Upgrade to advanced cooling systems (control, transmitters, frequency regulators, etc.)

  • Implement new technologies and methods for cooling spaces and buildings

Water Heating

The water heating systems are based on boilers that consume natural gas and LPG. We are looking for solutions that will help to:

  • Optimize and improve the heating process, including an optimization system 

  • Implement greener water heating alternatives using various technologies 


Improving lighting systems through various solutions:

  • Optimizing the use of existing lighting infrastructure (e.g. automated lights )

  • New technologies for economic efficiency in lighting solutions

Our Offer

Deal with pressing needs in the healthcare system
Work with experts in the field of energy efficiency and climate change
Gain exposure to a wide range of organizations: health organizations, municipalities etc.
Guaranteed funded pilot for winners

Target Audience

Startups, entrepreneurs,
tech companies at all stages, with a solution for the challenges, interested in the healthcare field 

Startups from abroad who are interested in collaborating
with a
large medical center in Israel

Anyone who
has technologies that can be
adapted to
the healthcare
field in a
short time


Anyone with the ability to present a demo and to carry out a pilot immediately
(within 3 months
of winning the competition)


What is a challenge competition?

A challenge competition is a process designed to find new solutions and technologies for a specific challenge. As part of the process, the solutions submitted are examined on the basis of pre-determined criteria (applicability, relevance, concept stage, etc.) and the most relevant solutions receive mentoring and a funded pilot at the medical center.

What’s the schedule of the competition?

21.3.2021 – Competition opens for submissions

29.4.2021 – Submission deadline

10.5.2021 - First screening committee announces which solutions move on to the presentation stage

24.5.2021 - Solution presentation event (will take place in accordance with the Corona restrictions) and selection of the solutions that move on to the pilot phase

June 2021 - Pilot planning and designing

10.7.2021 - Judging committee announces the winners

Who can submit a solution?

Entrepreneurs, startups or tech companies that can offer a relevant solution for one of the listed challenges. Mature solutions, beyond the concept stage, will have an advantage but each solution will be examined individually.

Startups from abroad are welcome.

What’s the prize?

The selected solutions will receive a sponsored pilot and cooperation at Soroka Medical Center, accompanied by the center's staff and a feasibility test for full implementation of the solution. Solutions that will pass the initial presentation phase will gain experience in designing a pilot with a medical center, closely accompanied by senior content experts from Soroka Medical Center and from the energy and health fields.

Who are the partners in the process?

The leading partners in the challenge competition are Soroka Medical Center, HealthIL community and PLANETech community. In addition, Beer Sheva’s Municipality, Ben Gurion University, the Beer Sheva Innovation District and Desertech community are taking part in the process. Solutions that won’t be found suitable for Soroka Medical Center will be able to go through the partners examination with the possibility for direct contact with them.

How are the winning solutions selected?

Winning solutions will be selected according to a number of criteria, including:

  • Applicability and feasibility for future implementation at Soroka Medical Center
  • Relevance to the challenges as specified above
  • Energy efficiency and economic savings
  • Innovation and uniqueness

I have a solution for a different challenge in the field. Can it be submitted?

The challenges as described in the competition reflect the specific needs identified by Soroka Medical Center as having high potential for energy efficiency. Additional solutions that do not meet one of the challenges can be submitted as long as they contribute to energy efficiency. In such a case we’ll examine each solution individually.

Is the submission open to startups from abroad?

Yes. Submission is open to entrepreneurs and startups from abroad who can offer a solution for one of the challenges listed above, assuming they can present the solution and implement a pilot in Israel [A1] during the months following the competition.

Our Judges

Rafi Kimhi

Head of Engineering and Maintenance 

Clalit Health Services

Sami Eliav 

Head of Engineering 

Clalit Health Services

Tzahi Eyal

Head Engineer

 Soroka University Medical Center

Yarden Nevo

 Associate Director General

 Soroka University Medical Center

Gadi Cohen

 Deputy CEO

Clalit Health Services

Yehud Marciano

Head of Innovation and Information Systems

 Beer Sheva Municipality

Shani Zanescu 

Investments & Portfolio Management Advisor Consensus Business Group

Uriel Klar

Director, PLANETech

Israel Innovation Institute


Adi Reches

 Head of Innovation & Collaborations HealthIL 

Israel Innovation Institute

Eyal Haik

Head of Engineering

Ben Gurion University

Our Partners
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